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Top Tips For Buying A Used Car

When you're in the market for a new set of wheels, buying a used car can often be cheaper and easier than buying new. Whatever your reasons for buying a used car you want to make sure you get something reliable, safe, and comfortable.

There are always things to look out for, so to help you avoid buyer's remorse we've compiled a list of Innomotive's top tips for buying a used car:


Work out how much you can afford, and remember to keep a little extra aside for any restoration and servicing your car might need, as well as registration and insurance. Once you know your budget, Red Book is a great resource for the going rate on almost every car out there.

2.Make and model

Depending on how your car suits your lifestyle, there are probably several makes and models out there that fit your budget and criteria. You might not know all the options, so do some research and ask around to get suggestions and reviews.


Safety is probably the most important consideration when buying a used car. Innomotive can restore paint jobs and repair dents, but you need to check the used car safety ratings to make sure your vehicle is still roadworthy. Look closely at the safety features too – inspect the brake pads, check the airbags haven't been deployed, and look for signs the car has been in an accident.

4.Research and shortlisting

The Perth used car market is always buzzing so you will almost certainly find a good mix of options once you have narrowed your search to a few makes and models. Build a shortlist, and give yourself options in case a couple aren't what they seem!

5.Arranging a viewing

When you arrange to see a car give yourself plenty of time to fully inspect it. If you aren't confident enough to tell the glovebox from a gasket, it's a good idea to take someone who knows a bit about cars. Don't inspect used cars at night as you're likely to miss a few important details in the dark.

6.Physical condition

You can often get a great deal on a second hand car because it is scratched, dented, or the paint is fading. Don't stress about any of that – Innomotive can bring the bodywork back to life with our industry leading car paint restoration techniques and paintless car dent removal. As long as the engine is in good condition, we can take care of the rest.

7.Final checks

Take some time to think over your decision while you do the last bit of research. Check the car's history by the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and make sure the car is debt free by checking the REVS database (Register of Encumbered Vehicles). Look for a log book to ensure servicing is up to date, and importantly check that the car is registered or you might have to take it through a cumbersome inspection.

To avoid driving away in a lemon, follow the tips above and you will have a great time purchasing your used car. And remember, no matter the condition, Innomotive are on hand to restore your new ride to its former glory including paint restoration, interior detailing, headlight restoration, clear coat treatment and more. Get in touch today to find out how we can make your used car look like new!

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