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Waxing and Buffing your Car’s Paint

You have spent a sunny afternoon outdoors, you have cleaned every nook, scrubbed every cranny, the car is looking great. Now for that final touch to really make your vehicle brilliant.

How (and when) to buff a car

Buffing is the process of using a soft surface, light pressure and friction to even out the reflective surface of your car’s clear coat. The market is home to a host of buffing cloths, creams and sprays. The common rules boil down to:

  • Make sure the car is clean. This may involve car detergent, or if in bad condition, using a clay bar.

  • Double check your cloth. Any grit or sand on your car or cloth can cause significant scratching.

Buffing creams usually feature a mild polish. These are suitable to be used more regularly than a compound/polish job, and are useful for extending paint restoration intervals.

How (and when) to wax a car

You have spent time, effort and resources in bringing the best shine out of your paint. Why would you stop now? Wax is the treatment after paint restoration, adding a layer of protection to your top coat. This slows the ageing process, helps resist dirt, and makes water bead and roll off you vehicle.

How long will wax last

Waxes aren’t permanent. The lifespan of wax is improving as technology improves, but is highly dependent on grade of wax and harshness of environment. Living in Perth, if you are too close to the coast or out in the summer sun, wax can only do so much.

CAMUI: the longer lasting alternative

The alternative to waxing every couple of months is in our CAMUI coating. Not a wax, but a hardening coat that repels water, drastically improves shine, and resists scratching. At Innomotive, we find for new cars, or people who struggle to find the time for regular waxing procedures, a CAMUI coating provides the shine you want and protection you need for your prized vehicle.

For a motoring enthusiast, care for your car starts at the paint. We understand, so for that extra special shine, get in touch with Innomotive for all your car detailing needs in Perth.

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