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What makes CAMUI glass protection coating unique? 
Unparelleled 10H hardness, high refractive crystal glass composition, superb water repellency, highly durable, less maintenance 
Water sheeting vs Water Beading
  • When you see beads, you can tell that your car is protected by a sealant, wax, or other coating.
  • The beads run off the car while driving.
  • Beads sitting on the surface can cause spotting or etching, whether in the coating or the paint.
  • If there are contaminants in the water, such as acid rain, it can work its way to etch all the way to the paint.
  • Water runs off the surface almost completely, leaving behind a dry vehicle.
  • With no water residue left on the vehicle you can rest assure that your coating and paint work are safe
  • You do miss out on the visual appeal that water beading gives
CAMUI can provide either option, however Innomotive recommends water sheeting, and CAMUI Coating is specially known for its water sheeting capability.
What is paint correction - Machine polish vs Clearcoat treatment?
Both processes will renew a vehicle's paint finish. Machine polishing is the preferred method as it retains the factory paint integrity any future scratches can be recorrected. Clearcoat treatment is preferred in severe cases with paint fading, sandblasting and very severe oxidation; which are traditionally addressed by bodyshop repairs. Our clearcoat treatment is a fraction of the price of a typical bodyshop repair cost. 
How long does it generally take for our services?
Interior Detailing - 3 - 4hrs
CAMUI Coatings - 24hrs
Clearcoat Treatment - 24hrs
Resprays (if required) - Dependant on job usually up to 3 days
Headlight Restoration - 20 mins
What if the repair is not mentioned on your website?
We will provide advice on any repair. Drive in or call us for an obligation free chat and we will suggest the best solutions for your car care needs. 
What sets us apart
We use the most advanced and unparelleled paint refinishing technology. Qualified and Certified technicians. Stunning Results. Very affordable prices. Short turnaround. Your one stop centre, we provide a wide range of refinishing services for your convenience.
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