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Ultimate paint and exterior protection with the purest 100% crystalised agent and high refractive index. Superior to any traditional methods, it is not a wax but a coating which hardens to a diamond hardness and shine. It offers high durability and genuine protection to keep your car exterior looking stunning for years. Repels foreign particles such as animal droppings, industrial fallouts, dirt, tree sap, exhaust contaminants, brake dust, soils and acid.

CAMUI is the market leader in paint protection technology. 

Benefits of Camui Coating

repels road pollutants, dirt, brakedust on wheels

Windows: Hydrophobic effect on Glass

Paint: Diamond 10H hardness for anti-scratch properties 


protect from oxidation and increase clarity

Paint: Radiant Gloss and Luster

Trims and plastic: treated to restore colour and repels dirt

CAMUI could be treated to all exterior components

CAMUI coating in action ... see it for yourself !

Self cleaning ability - Water Sheeting
10H hardness and smoothness with minimal surface tension
High refrative index glass look gives a WOW factor
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