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What is Innomotive’s Reclear PRO clear coat treatment?

In the past, paint restoration required full respray jobs. These were expensive, time consuming and may not perfectly colour match. However, Innomotive uses the latest clear coat restoration products that allow a comparable result without the prohibitive costs. We apply a layer of organic lacquer to your car’s paint, filling scratches, and leaving a respray quality finish.

Our clear coat treatment treats underlying clear coat issues by fully repairing and restoring superficial damage not just minimising or covering it up. The resin fills in underlaying scratches and self-levels. Once cured, it forms a clear film which;   

Delivers showroom shine. Restores a deep and resonant luster unlike anything else on the market
Permanently repairs weathering and oxidation. Revives dull, lifeless paint caused by every day wear and tear 
Permanently repairs scuffs and scratches. Removes scuffs and scratches to maintain the integrity of the paint 
Permanently repairs swirls and sandblasting. Completely removes swirl marks caused by over-washing and repairs all sandblasted clear coat damage

Clear coat treatment for paint restoration

Your vehicle exists in the real world, weathering and oxidation take their toll on the depth and clarity of shine, scuffs and scratches happen in carparks and garages, micro swirls and sandblasting can come from cleaning equipment or previous owners. Innomotive’s clear coat treatment addresses the three common automotive paint issues. At Innomotive, we can use our expertise, care and top shelf products to turn back the time on your car, our protective treatments will give the showroom look again.


Is my car suitable for a clear coat treatment?

The clear coat treatment is applicable to most cars, no matter the age. However, if your current layer of top coat is beginning to flake or peel, or has scratches down to the metal, the improvement will only be exceptional, not showroom perfect. For flaking clear coats, our treatment will produce an even colouration, remove or vastly reduce sun patches, and greatly deepen the shine. Dents or metal-deep scratches will be addressed by our technicians before the treatment is applied. It will look great, but the deepest of scratches may still be visible.

Is clear coat also useful for paint protection?

Reclear pro is designed to be restorative hence giving a huge boost in aesthetic! It is a Japanese technology customised by chemist in Australia with added UV protection to withstand the harshest of the Aussie sun. It has the same hardness rating as ceramic clear coats which is typical of many European auto manufacturers. In most cases, a treated car will have the added benefit of one of the above. CAMUI coating will be a much better choice as protective coating. 

How do I maintain the shine after treatment?

Once we have gotten your car back to its shiny best, it is up to you to keep it looking brilliant. While asking a car enthusiast to wash their car doesn’t require too much persuasion, a few months after the treatment, most of us aren’t perfectly on schedule when it comes to cleaning our vehicles. So how often should you be washing the car to maintain the shine? We recommend minimum monthly washes, finishing with our recommended CAMUI Y6 sealant to keep your car up to the highest standards.

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