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Car Paint Restoration: From Start to Finish

Paint restoration is not just for classic cars looking for a second life – it can also increase the resale value of newer cars and make your daily drive look so much nicer.

1. Wash

The treatment starts with a pre-restoration clean to get rid of any large grit. This step also cleans off any residual wax from the last polish to get the surface ready for restoration.

2. Clay

The wash might not get every bit of dirt and grit off the surface so once the car is clean we use an engineered resin compound to remove contaminants. The clay grabs anything protruding from the surface, leaving a clean surface ready for us to take a good look.

3. Paint analysis

Next we get a bit scientific to see exactly what we are dealing with. To assess the quality of your existing paint job we use a thickness gauge and other equipment to inspect the true paint condition. The actual coloured paint is covered by a clear coat so we have to look deeper.

4.Professional multi stage polish incorporating Zenma

This is where the real magic happens. With the latest equipment and years of experience we will artfully work your paint to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation. It will restore the shine to dull paint and smooth out any surface blemishes and our attention to detail is key here – we never miss a spot.

5.Finishing polish

Now that your paint is looking fresh and all the blemishes have been expertly removed we are ready for the finishing touches. Finishing with a micro abrasive polish will enhance the clarity, gloss, and depth of your paint work.

6.Touch ups

Rock chips and deeper scratches are tackled right near the end with a detailed touch up process using colour code matching to get just the right shade where paint is chipped. You will notice the Innomotive difference because we look very closely to make sure every blemish and spot is touched up for a smooth, even finish.


To keep your newly restored paint looking beautiful for longer we finish with a polymer sealant or Camui crystal glass coating system. The sealant offers protection and brings together all the previous stages for an eye-popping finish.

Your scratched and faded paint job can be brought back to life with an Innomotive paint restoration package. Vintage car enthusiasts and car owners all around Perth trust us to restore their car's tired exterior to brand new, head-turning quality and they know we won't break the bank. If your car needs a touch-up or full paint restoration, contact us at Innomotive to find out what we can do for you.

BMW Car Paint Restoration

An example of car paint restoration completed by Innomotive.

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