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Protect Your Car Paint from Perth’s Salty Air

Living in Perth is great for a long list of reasons. Near the top of that list is our beautiful beaches and relaxed coastal lifestyle. The smell of salty air is enough to make any West Aussie nostalgic for summer – you‘ll often find the Innomotive crew hanging out near the beach.

The trouble is, our cars don’t like the beach anywhere near as much as we do. They’re made from metal and plastic and can easily succumb to rust without the proper car paint protection.

Thankfully there are relatively easy ways to protect your pride and joy from the salty air, so you can still go on those beloved beach cruises and keep the shine in your paint job.

What can the salt air do to your car’s paint?

Many car owners fail to realise the corrosive effect of coastal air on car paint. Among the obvious threats to the paint job – scratches, droppings, water marks, dirt, mud, bugs and everything else – salty air might not rate highly in your mind but it should. Even if you don’t live right near the beach, WA’s air is more salty than other places thanks to the regular Westerly winds blowing cool ocean air in from the coast.

After a while the salty impurities in the air react with your car paint and take the shine out of the crystals. It’s a relatively slow process so by the time you notice the damage is already done. If you live close enough to the beach to cop salt spray, or keep your car outside in the baking Perth sun, then the whole corrosion process speeds up!

How to protect your car paint

Innomotive always recommend applying a tough outer layer like Camui ceramic coating as soon as you buy a new car or repair an old paint job. Camui car paint protection eliminates the need for waxing and minimises the damage done by the sun, salt air, dust, dirt, and water for years after application.

If you want to be extra careful we suggest keeping your car in a garage or under a shade of some kind. Trees aren’t the best idea because they drop leaves and twigs, not to mention giving the birds something to aim for! Consider investing in a car cover or erecting a small shade structure if you’re tight on space.

What to do if your paint begins to rust

If you are reading this because the salt air has already begun to eat away at your paint job, don’t stress! Innomotive are the Perth car paint repair experts, specialising in bringing faded and rusting paint jobs back to life with brilliant finishes and long-lasting protection.

We offer the best paint correction services in Perth, from removing scratches and swirls to full restorations and new paint jobs. You can read more about our paint correction work here, or feel free to give us a call if you have specific questions about restoring and protecting your salt-rusted paint job.

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