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Does Colour Have an Effect on How Easy it is to Maintain a Car’s Paint Job?

First rule of car paint. Buy the colour you love.

All cars require some degree of cleaning. Do you know what you are buying into?

Matte vs. metallic

Maintaining a matte painted car over metallic is harder for the simple fact, polishes will not be able to remove scratches at home. Most paint care product look for a gloss finish. Further, polishing out scratches and imperfections require cutting down the clear coat for even shine. This isn’t a simple task on matte finishes.

Darker colours vs. lighter colours

With dark colours you can expect deep shine, high reflection and eye catching looks, until it needs cleaning. We all know that black looks brilliant, but requires love and attention to retain shine. Also, Perth summers make black cars oven hot. Dark colours offer the same issues as black.

The only available alternative to high heat and maintenance is to go for a lighter colour. They don’t absorb the same heat in summer, take longer to show dirt, and require only a wash and wax for showroom looks.

What colours are the easiest to maintain?

White is coolest, but can show grime and road dust. The pick of the bunch, silver, grey and champagne. These absorb less heat, look good with only a wash and wax, and don’t show dust like black or white. For those with a wild streak, yellow is known to be a good balance of low maintenance, low heat, and long lasting clean look.

Why paint protection is worth it for all colours

Paint protection is the final layer to any clean/polish/restoration works. Protection like wax require monthly application, help to reduce scratching, repel dirt and bead water. For long term car paint protection, we recommend looking into CAMUI hardening coatings. No matter what colour you choose, paint protection slows the impacts of life on your vehicle, and lengthens the time your car looks its best.

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