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Why We Choose to Use Camui

Camui coatings achieve an almost unparalleled level of hardness, shine, and protection for cars thanks to a unique manufacturing process and attention to detail at an atomic level. If you haven't heard of Camui crystal glass protection before don't stress, but read on to find out why you should know about it when you want to protect your car's paint and body work from the harsh Perth weather.

At Innomotive we choose to use Camui products because for us, reputation is everything. Seeing a client who is genuinely impressed with the shine and lustre of their paint is one thing, but knowing they are going to be protected from the elements and turn heads when they drive down the street is what we strive for.

The technical bits

Camui coatings are a range of precision engineered products out of Japan that polish and protect automotive paint beyond anything else we've tried. Camui products are used in high-end automotive paint shops the world over but that doesn't mean they are only for luxury cars. Here's why we think you should ask us about using Camui coatings to protect your car:

  • 10H hardness scratch resistance

Hardness in minerals is rated from 1H to 10H, with regular glass sitting around 5H and diamond at 10H. That means the crystalline structure of your car's protective coating is as hard as diamonds, keeping it safe from surface scratches.

  • Water and dust repellent

The nanotechnology behind Camui products make them exceptional at repelling water, dust, and other environmental elements. Watch the rain bead and roll off your coating as you enjoy the untainted mirror finish, with up to 94% less water spots compared to other coatings.

  • Refractive index of over 1.45

For a noticeable mirror finish, light needs to refract back off the coating and not get absorbed by dull colours and blemishes. A higher than average refraction index means the coating bounces light back for an even glossy finish, while also boasting fantastic UV protection – vital for Perth's blazing sun.

  • 5-year warranty

We use Camui Chrome Chain products which carry a 5-year protection warranty for long lasting peace of mind.

  • No waxing or reapplying

The permanent hard coating means no need to worry about waxing or coming back to see us for a while. Camui's hardness does not fade, nor does its shine so you can enjoy the effects for a long time.

Why Innomotive choose Camui

We have been Perth's automotive paint specialists for years; dealing with classic cars, luxury vehicles, and daily drivers is all in a day's work. One thing that never changes is our commitment to giving our clients the best result at an affordable price.

There are a lot of car paint correction and protection products out there, and Camui is the one we stand by because our customers love the result. With unrivalled shine and protection for years after application, Camui has become our favourite auto paint protection system. We trust it and we want you to know why – so get in touch or give us a call to find out what is available to you in the Camui range.

Camui Coating

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