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Introducing an ultra-balanced blend of hybrid crystal coating which is able to sustain the harshest of the Australian climate. Harnessing the most proven and matured coating technology of dioxides; SiO2, TiO2 and now GO (Graphene oxide) adds complexity and makes Kraken a cutting-edge protective coating that captures the best in each of the three.

Innovation in cross-linking technology made it possible to combine the big three through the process of photocatalysis. Chemically bonding of particles at a molecular level, forming an interlocking 3-dimensional hexagon structure. Similar to the metal alloy which is fused together and cure to strength in unity. 

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    SiO2 is the main ingredient in ceramic coatings. it has been well known for years over its UV reflective properties however are brittle resulting in micro cracks. Microcracks are the causes of heavy water spotting experienced by other coatings with high SIO2 content. TiO2 is inert, like shielding gas for welding. It has excellent chemical resistant properties making it impermeable to environment fallouts. However, TiO2 is soft in nature. Graphene (GO) is the first two-dimensional material at a single atom sheet ever discovered. It is strong yet flexible and able to withstand extremes of temperature fluctuation. Working with innovative labs around the world, Kraken crystal coating has been researched and scientifically formulated with well-balanced chemical composition. Our chemist was successful in combining the best of three oxides, a symbiotic harmony of SIO2, TIO2 and GO with unparalleled performance and durability compared to many coatings in the market. It works by inheriting the positives of their purest form whilst inter-counteracting their negatives. Achieving the formulation of Kraken crystal which is hard yet flexible and chemically inert to stand the test of time on harsh Australian environmental conditions. The complexity of chemical composition and precision processing has allowed for the creation of Kraken Crystal Coatings.
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    Toughened against environmental fallouts Increased resistant to calcium and acidic deposits Improved durability over wear and tear Illuminance gloss, glass-like finish Greater durability on hydrophobic effect, turns hydrophilic over time as pores remained sealed All ingredients are sourced at the highest purity with minimal solvents resulting in higher solid crystallization hence greater coating thickness and visual depth. Contact our registered installers for the ultimate ceramic protection experience! Kraken products will not disappoint.
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