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An unimaginable translucency, approaching the reality of crystal glass!

CAMUI opens to you a whole new world of crystal glass protection with superior refractive index, water sheeting capabilities and unparelleled 10H hardness scratch resistant capabilitites. CAMUI Coating is made of the highest density and purest crystal glass form. It is the premium coating of choice for thousands of exotic car owners around the world!

Why CAMUI is different. 

CAMUI is able to achieve a high density and pure glass crystal coating through its unique manufacturing process called crystality amorphous. The purity in crystal formation creates a high refractive index of over 1.45 which provides radiant gloss and luster. The atom composition at its purest form, with the inclusion of titanium compound, creates a steric structure which gives it 10H hardness. This level of hardness makes CAMUI one of the hardest coatings on the market. 

*Ferrari 458 Italia coated with CAMUI Chrome Chain Series

Unparellel dimensional Hardness for superior scratch resistant

Nanotechnology self cleaning repels water, dirt and environmental fallouts

Unique Water sheeting means 94% less waterspots

High Refractive index for radiant crystal glass effect

Chrome Chain series with 5yrs protection warranty 

Eliminate the need to wax

Permanent hard coating - doesn't wash off or delaminate

*Cured sample of CAMUI Crystality coating. Only achievable due to purest and highest density of glass crystal content.      


Chrome Chain Series
Price start from $580 for new cars
X Series
Price start from $380 for new cars
Y Series Maintenance
  • Dimensional 10H Hardness

  • Superior Antifouling and h2o sheeting

  • 5 years /75,000kms protection

  • Radiant glass appearance

  • Dual coating system 

  • Best performance and durability

  • Recommended for car lovers

  • 9H hardness scratch Resistant 

  • Antifouling properties

  • Extreme water sheeting capability

  • Durable 3 years / 45,000kms Protection

  • High gloss glass look

  • Keep it looking newer for years

  • Maintenance liquid wax 

  • Add years to coating life

  • Choice of beading or sheeting

  • Best applied after washing

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